A.L.S., 4to, Norfolk, VA, Dec 7,1964. ADOLPH DEHN.

(1895-1968) One of the most notable lithographers of the 20th century. Throughout his artistic career, Dehn participated in and helped define some important movements in American art, including Regionalism, Social Realism, and caricature. He was known for both his technical skills and his high-spirited, droll depictions of human foibles.

A.L.S., 4to, Norfolk, VA, Dec 7,1964.

The letter sent to W. Dominion College, Department of English, Norfolk, VA and it reads, “Dear Sir, thank you for your letter on Nov 25 on your words of praise. Yes, the picture is available. I shall send you a copy of the reproduction in color along with this letter…” Signed, “Adolph Dehn”.

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