(1888-1967) American architect ,painter, stage setting designer. He acted as a stage set designer for the Washington Square Players (1915 - 1917), when it became the "Guild Theater" in 1919, also he became a stage setting staff memberof the theater.

T.L.S., 4to on personalized stationery, 2pp., Port Henry, NY, Aug 22, 1936.

Letter on Lee Simonson stationery to Carl Brandt, who published artists' pictures and articles about Simson in Harpers, Atlantic Monthly, and Vogue. "I do land an article in Vogue – a fashionable, popular women’s magazine which prints only stuff that in interest at least is amusing – instead of waiting for the article to appear and seeing whether you couldn’t wave it in a few editorial faces with the remark” what did I tell you?” or words to that effect, you amiably wash your hands of me…..” Signed, “ Lee Simonson”.

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