E. E. CUMMINGS, Edward Estlin

(1894-1962) American poet and painter. Recognized as a groundbreaking writer in the field of poetry because of his use and positioning of words, use of syntax and subject matter of his poems.

Original Drawing Signed titled "Flamenco Dancer" Signed, pen and ink, 4to, approximately 8 x 11 3/4 inches, titled in another hand on verso, "Flamenco Dancer."

Cummings draws a full length figure, wearing a fedora styled hat, looking over her shoulder as she moves forward dancing the Flamenco as the title suggests. Drawn in black ink, the poet who was also an artist signs under the figure, "Cummings," on a diagonal. Professional repairs have been to reinforce the paper which had a vertical crease from fold, and several margin tears including at left edge at the corner of the left hand. In addition to the title in pencil on verso in another hand, "GBM 540" is also written in pencil on verso.

Our drawing is likely from Cummings' second art phase as described by the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center on line: "Critics have generally divided Cummings' career as a painter into two stylistic phases. The first phase, about 1915-1928, was represented by his experimental large-scale abstracts and his drawings and caricatures published in The Dial. During the 1920s Cummings started to drop out of the gallery scene, and he came to view the art establishment as anti-intellectual. The second phase of his art was from about 1928 until his death; this phase was characterized by representational works: still lifes, landscapes, nudes, and portraits."

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