(1899-1983) American film director, with a long, prolific career of some 50 films including, "Camille," (1936), "Holiday" (1937), "The Philadelphia Story" ((1940), "Born Yesterday" (1950), and "My Far lady" (1964) for which he won an Oscar.


CUKOR, GEORGE Typed Letter SIGNED, Copy Letter, 4to on 2 separate pages, n.p., Sept. 6, 1948This letter is a SIGNED copy of a Typed Letter Cukor wrote to long time friend Elsa Schroeder about his trip to France, meeting with author W. Somerset Maugham regarding a possible film project based on the story of Sapho for Greta Garbo and finances during his trip. Cukor begins asking his correspondent about news of his home, "you know, about the dogs and how everything was looking at the house...." He continues with a report of his expenses and difficulties of using the franc. "So I didn't use the Letter of Credit...I borrowed 200,000 francs (don't faint that's only about $600) from M.G.M. Paris Office promising to repay them in francs...which indeed I did...I also paid for a car and chauffeur which I was in the south of France. Then I engaged a make the three day tour from Cap Ferrat to Paris...I bought myself some socks and sweater and ties, etc...Michael Pearman was with me and has kept an itemized account of my expenditures - tips, cables...." He continues with a discussion of meeting the British author, W. Somerset Maugham (1874-1965). "Actually I accomplished some very important work with Maugham. One of the stories we considered for Garbo is 'Sapho' by Daudet - Maugham very kindly read the script and I had two very long meetings with him; he made brilliant and practical suggestions for the treatment of the story...When in Paris at Walter Wanger's request, I had long conferences with Agents. Writers, Actors' agents, etc. and made very important contacts and actually spent a good deal of time on the Garbo-Wanger proposition...I go into all this...because I do think a good deal of the...trip can be deducted as legitimate business expense...." He signs, "George."

Cukor refers to a film project that he never made. The letter is quoted in the biography of Wanger ("William Wanger, Hollywood Independent" by Matthew Bernstein, Univ. of Minnesota Press, 2000).

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