Item #2407 Typed Letter SIGNED, in German, 4to, Vienna, Oct. 28, 1916. WILHELM STEKEL.

(1868-1940). Austrian psychoanalyst, part of Sigmund Freud's Vienna Circle of practitioners who met weekly.

Typed Letter SIGNED, in German, 4to, Vienna, Oct. 28, 1916.

Stekel writes to the painter, Ludwig Hessheimer (1872-1956) giving his view of Hessheimer's exhibition. In full. "Dear Mr. Hessheimer, I just returned from your exhibition. It made a deep and lasting impression on me. You have seen everything with the eyes of a poet. I like the mood pictures best. There were quite a few people there, all of whom were full of praise. Even painters...and that means something. The pictures of Ohrida lake are reminiscent of Bocklin. They have depth and grandeur. In the picture 'Longing' I was perturbed by the angel on high. He is not giving a fortunate impression which may be due to the position of his legs. Also the etching in which the images of wife and child appear to the soldier in the snow suffers from the flaw that visions must be expressed more shadowy, like a delicate breath which spreads across the distance. The contrast between the real and the vision must be more pronounced. But these are just trifles. You now have a foothold in Vienna and we hope to greet you as one of our own soon...." He signs, "Dr. Wilhelm Stekel."

The letter gives insight into Stekel's ability as an art critic. Stekel argued in "Bisexual Love" (1922) that both heterosexuality and homosexuality require repression and sublimation of natural urges.

Item #2407

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