Autograph Letter Signed, 2 pp on one 4to sheet, Taorimina, Sicily, Nov. 9, 1921. D. H. LAWRENCE, DAVID HERBERT.

(1885-1930) English novelist. His novels challenged concepts of sexuality in human conduct. Best remembered for his novels including "Sons and Lovers," "Women in Love," "The Rainbow," and "Lady Chatterley's Lover."

Autograph Letter Signed, 2 pp on one 4to sheet, Taorimina, Sicily, Nov. 9, 1921.

Lawrence writes to Mr. Clark addressing his remarks on "Women in Love," published in 1921 and offers personal information about his current circumstances. Lawrence begins by saying, “I thought at first your letter was a legal document: then I thought it was somebody pulling my leg…but…you really mean it….” This seems to be a reply to Clark who must have said something positive about “Women in Love,” which was a pleasant surprise to Lawrence. He writes, "the middle class readers have tried so hard to insult me for Women in Love, that I am quite glad to get your letter and feel that there is somebody who can read it as I imagined it might be read.”   Lawrence continues on the second page clearly not knowing who Clark is. "Write again if you choose...If you wish, tell me who & what you are. For my own part - I was born in the working classes - am 36 years old, have a wife - live here in Sicily in the winter & move about in the summer - earn perhaps £400 a year all told by my writing….” He ends the letter and signs, “D. H. Lawrence.”.

While not stated who Mr. Clark is, it is possible that he is John Clark the export bookseller at 12 Ludgate Square, London who around this time asked for copies of Lawrence’s books to be sent to Toronto and London as noted in “The Letters of D.H. Lawrence ” (Cambridge University Press edition of 2000, page 520). This same Mr. Clark also placed orders for works of James Joyce with the Paris bookstore, Shakespeare and Co., in 1922. If Clark liked “Women in Love” as much as it is suggested in the letter, with the genuine feelings that Lawrence felt from him, then it is most certainly possible that he promoted the book and received orders for it.   In 1921, Lawrence was living with his wife, Frieda, at Fontana Vecchia on the outskirts of Taormina in Sicily. It was in 1921 that “Women in Love” was published in America by Thomas Seltzer and in England with Secker. Repair across centerfold, some chipping at right margin above centerfold. To the best of our knowledge the letter is unpublished.

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