Item #4234 "Scream" artist, MUNCH, EDVARD. Scarce Autograph Letter Signed. EDVARD MUNCH.

(1863-1944) Norwegian artist and precursor to the Expressionist movement. His most well known work is "The Scream (1893)."

"Scream" artist, MUNCH, EDVARD. Scarce Autograph Letter Signed.

MUNCH, EDVARD. Scarce Autograph Letter SIGNED, in German, on small 8vo stationery card, "Sköien near Kristiania," n.d. but most likely late 1916.Munch subscribes to the new art magazine, "Das Kunstblatt," which featured an article about him in its first issue. “Das Kunstblatt” was a German art magazine, published in Weimar by Paul Westheim from 1917 until 1933. It was an important and influential periodical on contemporary art. The article about Munch was written by Gustav Schiefler with whom Munch had a substantial correspondence from 1902 to 1935. Schiefler wrote the authoritative catalogue of Munch’s graphic work, “Verzeichnis des Graphischen Werks Edvard Munch bis 1906) (Berlin 1907).   Munch’s request to “start my subscription with the first issue” suggests that he was writing in late 1916. In that year, he had purchased and moved into his home at Ekely at Skoien near Kristiania (later Oslo) where he lived and worked for the rest of his life. Munch built onto Ekely to the point of it being a nearly self-sufficient estate. Letters by Edvard Letters by Munch with art related content are scarce.

Item #4234

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