Document Signed, oblong folio, March 2, 1928. United Artists Studio Corporation Stock Certificate.
Document Signed, oblong folio, March 2, 1928.
Document Signed, oblong folio, March 2, 1928.
United Artists Studio Corporation Stock Certificate

Document Signed, oblong folio, March 2, 1928.

Rare UA Stock Certificate is "No. 9" dated March 2, 1928, issued for 1998 shares to Pickford-Faribanks Studios Company and signed by Robert Fairbanks, Jr., Mary Pickford Fairbanks, John Mott, Edwin Loeb as Secretary and one other. The stock certificate reads, “This Certifies that PICKFORD FAIRBANKS STUDIOS COMPANY is the owner of One Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety-Eight Shares of the Capital Stock of United Artists Studios Corporation..." The front of the certificate is signed by “R. Fairbanks” as President of United Artists Studio Corporation and “Edwin Loeb” as Secretary with “cancelled” penned across their signatures. “Cancelled” is also written at an angle in midsection of the certificate. Loeb was an attorney and cofounder of the International Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences which awards the Oscars. [The Academy dropped the International from its name at a later date.] The stub attached at left is signed, “R. Fairbanks, VP” as vice president of “Pickford- Fairbanks Studios Company.” The following text shows on verso of the certificate: "For value received WE hereby sell, transfer and assign to MARY PICKFORD FAIRBANKS 999 SHARES AND DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS 999 SHARES..."  Signing for PICKFORD FAIRBANKS STUDIOS CO. are: “R Fairbanks,” “Mary Pickford Fairbanks,” “John G. Mott,” and two others. The corporate seal shows through on the verso. The stamp on verso of the stub shows the hand written date of “3/2/28.”.

On February 14, 1922, Pickford-Fairbanks Studios Company filed articles of incorporation. Named as Directors were Douglas's brothers John Fairbanks and Robert Fairbanks, Mary's mother Charlotte Pickford Smith (died March 21, 1928), Mary's brother Jack Pickford, and Mary's attorney, John G. Mott. Three years earlier, February 5, 1919, United Artists was founded and incorporated as a joint venture by D.W. Griffith, Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks. The four founders sought to avoid the control of the powerful commercial film studio and to protect their independence. They also created their own distributorships. The four who founded United Artists each held 20% of the company with the remaining 20% held by lawyer, William Gibbs McAdoo, son-in-law of Woodrow Wilson. As a cofounder as well as the producer and star of her own films, Canadian born Mary Pickford became the most powerful woman in Hollywood.

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