Archive of Seven Rare Broadsides against the British produced by the Jewish Underground in the 1930's and 1940's.

The broadsides were produced as anti-British propaganda and to announce news of the Jewish Underground actions against the British in Palestine. It was illegal to distribute Irgun and Lehi broadsides, hence most were destroyed and those distributing them arrested or sometimes shot. The seven broadsides offered here came from a private collection consisting of eleven broadsides. The English translation of the Hebrew broadsides are included. The Jewish Underground armies fought a sometimes violent war to expel the British from Palestine in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Part of the conflict involved blowing up railroads and buildings, and the other part consisted largely of propaganda to sway public opinion and to wage psychological warfare against the British. The propaganda war was fought via Underground wall-posters and broadsides announcing the previous day’s Underground attacks or threatening the British. They were usually pasted up on store windows and billboards late at night by teenagers running to avoid British patrols. The Underground armies – the Irgun and Lehi (aka the Stern Group) – called these teens their “newspapermen.” Many of them were shot or arrested while posting broadsides. The British considered possession of these broadsides a criminal offense, and therefore few survived making those that did rare.

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