Autograph Letter Signed in French, 8vo, March 30, 1960. SAMUEL BECKETT.

(1906-89) Irish author, awarded Nobel Prize in 1969.

Autograph Letter Signed in French, 8vo, March 30, 1960.

Beckett is best known for his play, "Waiting for Godot," published in 1952 with its original French title, "En attendant Godot" and first performed in 1953. He wrote many of his best known works in French as he did this letter. Before the start of World War II, Beckett moved to France, joined the Resistance during the war and settled there permanently after the war.

Translation: "Dear old Frank, I am very touched by your sweet letter and very happy that you liked it. There was a lot more to say about that idea and as always I have the nagging feeling that I did not do with it everything that I could have. Perhaps it should be revisited. I will be very happy to see you. I will be in Paris around Easter time and will get in touch with you then. In friendship and with renewed thanks, Sam Beckett." Beckett may be referring to his play, "Happy Days." published in 1960, the year of our letter and premiered in September 1961.

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