Item #4801 ROYCE, JOSIAH. Autograph Letter SIGNED. JOSIAH ROYCE.
ROYCE, JOSIAH. Autograph Letter SIGNED

(1855-1916). Influential American philosopher, leading American advocate of "absolute idealism."

ROYCE, JOSIAH. Autograph Letter SIGNED

JOSIAH ROYCE. Royce discusses his philosophy on the "the intimate relation that exists between initiative sensitiveness and strongly marked individuality. For your marked individuality I get a decided impression both from the data that you give, and from the t manner of your giving them. Yet you disclaim what you call 'originality' because you are a 'composite photograph' of whatever had interested you. I think that I understand the relation between these traits. As I said in my 'Century' paper, our originality is very generally the individual fashion, style or selective choice of our imitativeness. What and how we shall imitate - that our individuality determines. That we initiate - this is necessary in proportion as we are sensitive and intelligent. you are...very plastic...your plasticity shall show itself. As to 'taking little interest in life' - that is of course a very common confession...It is in life as a game or as the service of a cause that we take a permanent interest, not in life as a mere experience..." At the lower margin of the fourth page he signs, "Josiah Royce." A long four page letter on one folded 4to sheet of onion skin paper, Cambridge (MA), June 7, 1894 Royce became Chair of Harvard's Department of Philosophy in the year he wrote this letter and served until 1898.

Item #4801

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