Item #4831 JUSTICE, BILL. Original Art. Signed. BILL JUSTICE.
JUSTICE, BILL. Original Art. Signed

(1914-2011) Animator for Disney Studios.

JUSTICE, BILL. Original Art. Signed

BILL JUSTICE. Two Original Sketches Signed. Chip 'n' Dale Sketch Signed, on a 3 x 5 inch card. Justice sketched two of his popular and favorite characters, the chipmunks Chip and Dale. He inscribed and signed the drawing rendered in black marker, "Best wishes to Bill, Bill Justice." Undated. The second sketch is of a smiling Pinocchio on the LOVE Stamp First Day Cover, accomplished in pencil , inscribed and signed, postmarked Aug. 8, 1988. Justice sketched Pinocchio near the red "LOVE" above four red roses identified as Aristocral Cachets and above the printed explanation of the rose's association with love. Between Pinocchio's face and the very popular and colorful rose adorned Love stamp, Justice wrote, "Best Wishes to Kati," and signed, "Bill Justice," below the postmark. Perhaps best known as the animator of the chipmunk duo, Chip and Dale, Justice was a contributing animator for "Pinocchio," Disney's 1940 animation film. Justice's long career for Disney Studios involved many aspects of animation film making and also included engineering projects related to Disney theme parks. [can be purchased separately for $295.00] Two Original Sketches SIGNED. Chip 'n' Dale Sketch Signed, on a 3 x 5 inch card, undated. Pinocchio Sketch Signed on the LOVE Stamp First Day Cover, postmarked Aug. 8, 1988.

(A note to Baby Boomers: Justice directed the animated Mickey Mouse March opening for The Mickey Mouse Club.).

Item #4831

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