Original Water Color and Ink Drawing, 4to, Signed. NORMAN THELWELL.

(1923-2004) British illustrator and cartoonist.

Original Water Color and Ink Drawing, 4to, Signed.

Recognized as one of England's most accomplished 20th century cartoonists, Thelwell is known for his drawings of ponies, horses and young riders in humorous situations. At the center of this amusing full page sketch, Thelwell illustrated a pony with eyes closed bearing a young rider yawning. The size of the sleepy central figures within the water color and ink composition suggests they might be in a dream, perhaps the pony's. In the background looms a dark circular cloud hinting at danger. Thelwell signed with his characteristic signature within the foreground of the sketch, "Thelwell." Pencil docketing on the lower right indicates the artist's birth year, 1923. The composition on artist's board measures 8 1/4 x 11 inches. Charming and emblematic of the artist's work.

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